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Transcript of Coroner's Inquest.
St. Francis Dam Disaster.

Coroner Frank Nance in 1931.

Who or what was responsible for the death of 29-year-old Julia Rising — and by extension the rest of the people whose bodies filled morgues from Saugus to the sea after the St. Francis Dam collapsed? That was the question for the jury empaneled by Los Angeles County Coroner Frank A. Nance on March 19, 1928, a week after the fatal flood.

The coroner's inquest began March 21 and continued until final testimony was taken April 10. The verdict was rendered two days later.

Witnesses in Part I

See pdf page 2 (page preceding printed Page 1) for index with corresponding page numbers.

Allen, Ben

Atmore, Robert E.

Bailey, Edgar A.

Bennett, Richard

Burns, Ollie

Burns, Russell B.

Donahue, Andrew C.

Dorsett, Oscar O.

Dunham, Stanley

Erratchuo, James J.

Ferrier, August

Fisher, Nat

Forsyth, Roe

Gaughren, Paul H.

Hemborg, Harold B.

Hendricks, Edward V.

Hoke, William T. Jr.

Hurlbert, William W.

King, Henry L.

LeBrun, Frank

Matthews, David C.

Menzies, David S.

Mulholland, William

Nichols, Hugh

Proctor, R.R.

Rising, Ray E.

Ruiz, Henry (as Henry Reiz)

Scott, Anna

Smith, Chester

Shankland, J.E.

Van Norman, H.A.

Webb, Dr. Frank R.

Witnesses in Part II

See pdf page 336 (page preceding printed Page 331) for index with corresponding page numbers.

Bayley, Edgar A.

Bouey, J.H.

Bright, Wm. J.

Brome, James P.

Casprovitz, Ferdinand

Clark, J.G.

Clark, Walter Gordon

Cushing, Zattu

Del Valle, Reginaldo F.

Gillette, Halbert P.

Hatch, James N.

Hemborg, H.B.

Hopewell, Ace L.

Hurlbert, Wm.

Johnson, Louis Z.

Keagy, Dean E.

Lee, Charles H.

Leeds, Charles T.

Lindsey, Wm. W.

Lundy, Guy D.

Martindale, Earl A.

Mulholland, William

Munz, Eli

Mayberry, Edward L.

Proctor, R.R.

Raggio, Frank

Rieber, Frank

Rising, Ray E.

Ruble, Clyde C.

Scattergood, E.F.

Sedgwick, Allen E.

Silvey, Henry

Slocum, H.H.

Spann, Katherine

Steen, Elmere E.

Starks, Edwin C.

Tate, H.L.

Thomas, E.H.

Wright, Robert H.

Vejar, George

Download pdf here. Courtesy of Ann Stansell.
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At Dam Site 3-14-1928


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Hall of Justice 1928



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