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Baptismal Data: Juan de los Santos (SFR-B01097)

Mission: San Fernando Rey

Baptismal No.: 01097

Spanish Name: Juan de los Santos

Margin Notes: hermano del antecedente (brother of the antecedent) (= Narciso SRF-B01096)

Native Name: [blank]

Baptism Date: October 30, 1803

Type of Baptism: + (normal)

Origin: Pinibit (variation of Piribit, Piru area) (derived from Narciso's record)

Ethnicity: Indio (derived from Narciso's record)

Sex: M

Baptism Place: Iglesia (church)

Age: 2 years

Level: p (parvulo = child)


Spanish Name: gentiles (not listed) (derived from Narciso's record)


Spanish Name: gentiles (not listed) (derived from Narciso's record)


[Narciso] (derived from Narciso's record)

Mission: San Fernando Rey

Baptismal No.: 01096


Anastacia | Marital Status: Casado/a (married); Spouse: Francisco Xavier


Officiant: Francisco Dumetz

Recorder: Francisco Dumetz


Mission: San Fernando Rey

Death No.: 00274

Burial Date: 11-13-1803

Source: The Huntington Library, Early California Population Project Database, 2006.
Fustero & Melchor Ancestry

Georgio (Jayinat)
• Baptism 1804 age 38
Jose Maria (Seuyeuyeminasu)
• Baptism 1799 (adult)
Tomasa (Teuteu)
• Baptism 1800 age 34
Dionisio (Napcos)
• Baptism 1811 age 38
Dionisia (Aoc)
• Baptism 1811 age 36
• Baptism 1799 age 9
Eusebio (Mu)
• Baptism 1799 age 6
Zenon (Chaamel)
• Baptism 1811 age 17
Zenona (Getriuna)
• Baptism 1811 age 19
Estanislao (Cabuti)
• Baptism 1799 age 3
Elias (Nu)
• Baptism 1799 age 8m
German (Genunchinugasu)
• Baptism 1811 age 12
• Marriage 1813
• Death <1824
• Baptism 1803 age 1
• Marriage 1813
• Death 1819
• Baptism 1803 age 5
• Marriage 12-4-1821
• Witness to Ramon-Eugenia Marriage (Cooke-Garcia Ancestors) 1832
• Baptism 1821 age 24
• Marriage 12-4-1821
Juan de los Santos
• Baptism 1803 age 2
• Baptism 1834 age 1d
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