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Hart Football 'Aces' Gang Members Arrested for Armed Robberies.

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Juvenile Crime Club Smashed.

Santa Monica, June 6 (AP) — Smashing of a juvenile crime club called the "Aces," centering among Newhall High school football players, was claimed today by detectives who arrested seven youths.

The case broke here, officers said, because two of the youths were caught here yesterday as they fled from a liquor store holdup. The others were nabbed later and more arrests are due.

Detective Lt. Bob Guggenmos pictured the gang's operations this way:

More than a year ago the "Aces" outfit was organized at Newhall specifically as a crime club. Members, including the seven under arrest, had "aces" tattooed on their arms.

Members held office in the club according to their achievements in holdups or burglaries.

Proceeds from holdups and burglaries were used for pleasure, including trips to Tijuana and Ensenada, Mex.

Guggenmos said the boys are being questioned about at least 30 holdups and burglaries in the last 18 months in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, San Fernando valley, Pasadena and Newhall. He said those in custody have admitted seven holdups and one burglary.

All seven arrested have been booked on suspicion of armed robbery. They are Gene G. Davenport, 18, of El Monte, David Acuna, 18, and Sidney Keith Woolstenhulme, 19, of Saugus, and William B. Barber, 17, Robert G. Crowley, 18, Leo Fred Kelland, 18, and Wilbur Brune, 18, all of Newhall.

News story courtesy of Jason Brice.

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Juvenile Crime Club Charged; Seven Arrested.

Santa Monica detectives yesterday said they had smashed a juvenile crime club composed of seven Newhall High School football players.

The club, called the Aces, is suspected of 30 armed robberies of liquor stores and cafes in the last 18 months. Six of the seven boys had the word Aces tattooed on their arms.

One of the youths, Gene Gordon [Davenport], 18, was shot in the right shoulder Monday by Motorcycle Officer Dick Williams. The officer said Davenport was running from a Santa Monica liquor store holdup.

Robberies Traced

Later apprehended and booked with Davenport on suspicion of the same robbery were two fellow Newhall football players, William B. Barber, 17, and David Acuna, 19.

Det. Lt. Bob Guggenmos of Santa Monica said six robberies and one burglary, scattered from Santa Monica to San Fernando Valley and Pasadena, already are linked definitely to the Aces club. Guggenmos and Det. Inspectors Bill Garn and William C. Coleman, working with Valley Division police and Sheriff's officers, believe this list will be expanded to 30.

Crimes 'Rewarded'

Those arrested include Robert G. Crowley, 18; Sidney K. Woolstenhume, 18; Leo Fred Kelland, 18; and Wilbur Bruen, 18. Bruen is the only one not tattooed, officers said.

Lt. Guggenmos said "members" held office in the crime club according to their achievements in holdups or burglaries. They had their choice of two automobiles and not all went on any one crime.

Proceeds from the thefts were used for pleasure, including trips to Tijuana and Ensenada, authorities said.

News story courtesy of Tricia Lemon Putnam.



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