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Baptismal Data: Bernarda (SFR-B00510)

Mission: San Fernando Rey

Baptismal No.: 00510

Spanish Name: Bernarda

Native Name: [blank]

Baptism Date: March 14, 1801

Type of Baptism: + (regular)

Time of Baptism: por la tarde (in the afternoon)

Origin: [unstated] (family members were from Pujauvinga, aka Pujaubit, probably Newhall area)

Ethnicity: [India]

Sex: F

Baptism Place: [Iglesia] (church)

Age: 7 years

Level: p[arvula] (child)


Father's Spanish Name: [unstated] (from her father's baptism record, we know he was Modesto, SFR-B00572)

Father's Mission: San Fernando Rey

Mother's Spanish Name: [unstated]

Mother's Mission: [unstated]


Spanish Name: [Fulgencio]

Baptism Mission/Number: SFR 00507

Comments: [Bernarda is] hermana del de la partida 507 (sister of record No. 507)


Name: Estefana Olivera

Comments: sobrina del Sargento de la escolta (neice of the sergeant of the guard)[*]


Officiant: Francisco Dumetz

Recorder: Francisco Dumetz


Death Mission: San Gabriel

Death No.: 03069

Burial Date: April 7, 1811

* It was customary for military officers, active-duty or retired, and occasionally their wives (or other family members), to fill the role of godparent for a baptism. No familial relationship is implied.

Source: The Huntington Library, Early California Population Project Database, 2006.
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