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Marriage Register Data:
Timoteo (SG-B02467) and Bernarda (SFR-B00510)

Mission: San Gabriel

Marriage Number: 01100

Marriage date: October 8, 1810

Presentation date: presedita la presentacion (presented at the presenation?)


Spanish name: Timoteo

Baptism Mission: San Gabriel

Number: 02467

Type: U[nstated]

Origin: [Mision]

Ethnicity: [Indio]

Religious Status: Neofito de esta (baptized Indian of this mission)


Spanish name: Bernarda

Native name: [blank]

Baptism Mission: San Fernando Rey

Number: 00510

Type: U[nstated]

Origin: Mision de San Fernando[*]

Ethnicity: [India]

Religious Status: Neofita (baptized Indian)


Number of banns: tres (3)


Sacrament[**]: Fortunato

Sacrament[**]: Frutos

Sacrament[**]: Saturnino


Officiant: Francisco Dumetz

Recorder: Francisco Dumetz

* This is probably incorrect; it's more likely she was born in her family's village of Pujaubit, in the Newhall area. She was baptized at age 7 in 1801, when the rest of her people were brought to the Mission San Fernando Rey.

** A witness to the actual sacrament.

Source: The Huntington Library, Early California Population Project Database, 2006.
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