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Marriage Register Data:
Daniel (SFR-B00304) and Bernardina (SFR-B00295)

Mission: San Fernando Rey

Marriage Number: 00060

Marriage site: Yglesia de esta mision (mission church)

Marriage date: November 9, 1800


Spanish name: Daniel

Native name: [blank]

Mission: San Fernando Rey

Number: 00304

Type: R (Renewal of vows; wedding with a priest to make their prior native traditional union official in the eyes of the Church)


Spanish name: Bernardina

Native name: [blank]

Mission: San Fernando Rey

Number: 00295

Type: R (Renewal of vows; wedding with a priest to make their prior native traditional union official in the eyes of the Church)


Bride's supli ceremonia officiant: Jose Garcia (Bernardina was gravely ill, so a provisional baptism was performed, but she recovered.)

Groom's baptism date: imediatamente despues de haber bautizado (He was married immediately after being baptized, or vice-versa)

Groom's baptism officiant: Jose Garcia

Groom's baptismal type: solemnemente (solemn)

Margin notes: + [cross symbol]


W1: Vicente Valenzuela

W2: Julio


Officiant: Jose Garcia

Recorder: Jose Garcia

* A testimonial witness. A person who is able to vouch on behalf of the couple's ability to marry without an impediment.

Source: The Huntington Library, Early California Population Project Database, 2006.
Cooke-Garcia-Ward Ancestry

Zenona (Purichi)
• Baptism 1811 age 60
Amando (Tuuyachs)
• Baptism 1802 age 60
• Death 5-12-1823
• Baptism 1800 age 50
• Marriage 1800(R)
• Death 1803
• Baptism 1800 age 45
• Marriage 1800(R)
• Baptism 1802 age 45
• Death 8-27-1814
Amanda • Baptism 1802 age 40
• Death 4-3-1816
Paulina (Yupjuiban/Yucsuiban)
• Baptism 1811 age 38
• Baptism 1803 age 25
• Baptism 1802 age 18
Maria Rosa (Papumchuquina)
• Baptism 1798 age 17
Ysabel (Ritmuia)
• Baptism 1797 age 12
Francisco del Espiritu Santo
• Baptism 1799 age 5-6
• Marriage (Teofila) 1811
• Marriage (Sista) 1821
• Death August 1829
Teofila (Gigiuco)
• Baptism 1811 age 12
• Marriage (Francisco D.E.S.) 1811
• Death 12-9-1819
Sista, aka Xixta
• Baptism 1809, newborn
• Marriage (Francisco D.E.S.) 1821
• Death 1828
• Baptism 1812
• Baptism 1817
• Marriage (Ramon) 1832
• Baptism 1808 (newborn)
• Marriage (Eugenia) 1832
• Death 1845
• Baptism 1825 (birth)
• Death 1829
• Baptism 1834 (birth)
• Baptism 1835 (age 1d)
Jesus Maria
• Baptism 1837 (age 1d)
• Baptism 1840 age 2d
Thomasa de Aquino
• Baptism 1845 age 1d
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