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Baptismal Data: Eugenia (SFR-B00612)

Mission: San Fernando Rey

Baptismal No.: 00612

Spanish Name: Eugenia

Native Name: [blank]

Baptism Date: February 10, 1802

Type of Baptism: + (regular)

Origin: Piirucbit (aka Piribit = village at today's Lake Piru)

Ethnicity: India

Sex: F

Baptism Place: Yglesia de esta Mision (mission church)

Age: 48 years

Level: a (adult)

Padre's Note: "puse por nombre (Vicenta) valga Eugenia" (the meaning is unclear, but he says he named her Eugenia)


Spanish Name: Venancio

Baptism Mission: San Fernando Rey

Baptism Number: 00589 or 00592?[*]


Name: Francisco Maria Ruiz

Military Status: Alferez de Santa Barbara (Ensign from Santa Barbara)[**]


Officiant: Francisco Xavier Uria

Recorder: Francisco Xavier Uria


Death Mission: San Fernando Rey

Death No.: 01517

Burial Date: February 3, 1823

* The record is unclear whether her son Venancio is the 00589 Venancio or the 00592 Venancio. Chester King says 00589, but there are problems. Too many details in various records would have to be wrong for 00589 to be right. 00592 works better. But we don't know.

* It was customary for military officers, active-duty or retired, and occasionally their wives, to fill the role of godparent for a baptism. There is no familial relationship.

Source: The Huntington Library, Early California Population Project Database, 2006.
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