Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures


Saugus Cafe

Tales of the Saugus Café, by Jerry Reynolds.

LW2074 - Envelope From Tolfree's Saugus Café, 1890.

BT1890 - Tolfree's Dining Room (Saugus Café) inside Saugus Depot, 1890s.

BT1891 - SPRR Saugus Depot with Dining Room, 1890s.

CN8002 - Pottery Sherd, 1891-1905, from Tolfree's Saugus Eating House (Saugus Café).

LW3760 - (11) Flow Blue China Pieces Appropriate to Tolfree's Saugus Eating House, 1890s.

HS2002 - Martin Wood's Saugus Café, 1914.

AL3801 - MacDougall's Saugus Cafe, Matchbook Cover, 1938.

HB5501 - Saugus Cafe in TV's "Highway Patrol," 2 Views, 1955.

HG5701 - Saugus Cafe, Both Buildings, 3 Views, 1957-1958.

Saugus Elementary School & SUSD

Saugus School Construction News reports, 1909-1910

OX1002 - Saugus Elementary School, Earliest Known Photo, 1910.

OX1001 - Original Saugus Elementary School, 2 Views, 1910.

OX2001 - Saugus Elementary School, Expansion, ~1920s.

OX3601 - Saugus Elementary School, 1938 Version.

OX6701 - Saugus Union School District Mystery Photo Album, 1960s.

LW2043 - Saugus Elementary School Bell, 8-19-1998.

HB5601 - Saugus Elementary School: Kindergarten 1956.

Trouble With Wobblies at Newhall and Saugus November-December 1916.

1929 Saugus Train Robbery

The Great Saugus Train Robbery. • (Los Angeles, CA) Los Angeles Times, 11-11-1929

Robbery at Saugus • From "Three Barrels of Steam" by James E. Boynton, 1973

Tom Vernon and the Saugus Train Robbery by Dr. Alan Pollack • 11-2009

LW2914 - Actual Photo Used by Train Robber Tom Vernon to Masquerade as Buffalo Vernon, 1962

LW2923 - Will the Real Buffalo Vernon Please Stand Up? •, March 2017.

LW2992 - The Bogus Story of Tom Vernon and the Sweetwater Incident • Golden West, July 1967.

A New Ending For the Great Saugus Train Robbery of '29 by Leon Worden • The Signal, 9-4-2004

LW2859 - Crackpot Lester F. Mead Confesses to Role in 1929 Saugus Train Robbery, 11-1929.

LW2892 - Great Saugus Train Robbery with Passengers, Earliest Known Photo, 11-10-1929.

FILM: Great Saugus Train Robbery (Aftermath), Pathe Newsreel, November 1929.

LW2893 - Great Saugus Train Robbery: Daybreak, African American Workers, Woman with Baby, Baker Ranch, 11-11-1929.

PA2901-3 - Great Saugus Train Robbery: Engine No. 59, 11-11-1929 (3 Views).

PA2904-5 - Great Saugus Train Robbery: Cleaning Up the Wreckage, November 1929 (2 Views).

HS2911 - Tom Vernon, aka Tom Averill, Saugus Train Robber of 1929.

LW2982 - Breaking: Fugitive Tom Vernon Captured in Oklahoma; Wire Photo 12-3-1929.

LW3478 - Thomas Vernon Mugshots, 12/1929.

CR5701 - "Buffalo" Tom Vernon, 1929 Train Robber, After Prison Release, 3 Views, 1957-58.

LW2913 - Death Certificate: Tom Vernon, 1929 Saugus Train Robber.

LW2926 - The Locomotive Tom Vernon Wrecked: SPRR Engine No. 5042 in 1939.

LW2949 - The Locomotive Tom Vernon Wrecked: SPRR Engine No. 5042, ~1940s.

LW3260 - The Locomotive Tom Vernon Wrecked: SPRR Engine No. 5042, ~1940s-early 1950s.

Saugus Airport (Newhall Intermediate Field)


RM4101 - Newhall Airport (Newhall Intermediate Field), 1930-47 (6 Views & Story).

WE3001 - Saugus/Newhall Airport Map, 1930.

LW2846 - Aviation Writer Devon Francis Takes First Solo Flight in a Hawley Bowlus Glider, 7-3-1941.

WE4601 - Saugus/Newhall Airport Map, 1946.

Gold-Silver Claims Contain Uranium, Thorium. California Mining Journal, October 1955

Thatcher Glass Mfg. Co.

AP0829 - Inside Thatcher Glass, 1955.

LW3270 - Hilltop/Aerial View of Thatcher Glass Mfg. Co., ~1980.

Keysor-Century Corp.

GT8604 - Keysor-Century Corp., Aerial View, ~1986.

Keysor-Century Calls it Quits by Brian Franks • The Signal, 12-23-2003

Corral Drive-In

HS6006 - Corral Drive-In: 1960 Playbill.

HS6007 - Corral Drive-In: Small Popcorn Bag, 1950s-1960s.

HB6301 - The Corral Drive-In Theatre, Interior & Exteriors, 1963.

HB6302 - Corral Drive-In Theatre Location, 1963 & 1987.

HB1717 - Southern Pacific Right-of-Way & Track Map; All Property Transactions 1876-1992.

SPRR Saugus Depot Built, Opened in 1888 (not 1887) • News reports.

AL1976 - Southern Pacific Company, Standard Time Schedules, November, 1895.

AP1930 - Bercaw's General Store, July 1907.

Saugus Division Aqueduct Workers Angered by Pay Cut, Spoiled Food • News reports, 1909.

One Aqueduct Worker Beats, Robs Another at Saugus • News reports, February 1910.

LW2735 - L.A. Aqueduct: Deadman Canyon Siphon Under Construction, Saugus, 1910.

LW3787 - SPRR Saugus Train Station & Saugus Café, 1910.

GR0804 - Ranching in Saugus, 1910.

AP1924 - Downtown Saugus, 1910s.

AP1924a - Downtown Saugus (detail), 1910s.

ST0901 - L.A. Aqueduct Construction Headquarters at Saugus Junction, 1909.

AP1925 - L.A. Aqueduct Construction Camp/HQ at Saugus Junction, 1911.

LW3052 - L.A. Aqueduct Construction Headquarters at Saugus Junction, 1907-1912.

LW3053 - Looking North Past SPRR Saugus Depot, 1907-1912.

AL1201 - Letter of Recommendation from L.A. Aqueduct Concrete Supt., Sent from Surrey, 1912.

LP1201 - Surrey Postmark, March 1912.

MJ1401 - Downtown Saugus, RPPC, Surrey Postmark, Mailed Early 1910s.

LW3244 - Greeting Card-Postcard, 1914.

AL2014 - SPRR Saugus Depot, 1914.

LW2189 - Owens Valley Water Pipeline, 1914.

LW2191 - Camp at Elizabeth Lake, 6-15-1914.

AL1924 - Surrey Inn in Saugus (Interior), ~1910s.

HS1901 - 2 Wells Fargo Express Trucks at SPRR Saugus Depot, 1919.

HS1902 - 2 Locomotives at SPRR Saugus Depot, Late 1910s.

AC2000 - Downtown Saugus Main Street, 1920s.

HS9023 - Renfro's Pharmacy in Saugus, mid/late 1920s.

AP1907 - Kellogg Home in Saugus (Valencia), ca. 1920s.

AL1924 - Surrey Inn in Saugus, ca. 1920s.

AL1925 - Saugus Garage in Saugus, ca. 1920s.

AL2121 - Downtown Saugus Aerial View, Real Photo Postcard (2 views), 8-3-1921.

The Pilgrim (1923)

VIDEO - "The Pilgrim" (1923) Full Movie.

LW2099 - "The Pilgrim": Charlie Chaplin at the Saugus Train Station, 1923 (7 Views).

LW3375 - Charlie Chaplin Inside SPRR Saugus Depot in "The Pilgrim" (1923).

LW2722 - Wayfinding Signs at Saugus Junction, 1926.

DR2701 - Saugus Community Club House, 1927-1946.

AC3101 - Downtown Saugus Street Scene, 7-25-1931.

LW2946 - Snow in Saugus, 1932.

Slippery Hills: Geology of the Soledad Corridor • C.D. Cooksey, Master's Thesis, CalTech, 1934

LW2905 - Bear Canyon-Saugus CCC Camp (8 Views), 1935-36.

LW2896 - Southern Pacific Engine No. 3674 at Saugus, 3-29-1936.

AL2032 - SPRR Saugus Depot, ca. 1930s-1940s.

LW3400 - Saugus Train Station (Exteriors) in "Oh, Susanna!" with Gene Autry, 1936.

CN3601 - Southern Pacific Cab-Forward Engine No. 4113 at Saugus Depot, 8-23-1936.

Looking North & South from Saugus Junction (2 Views), 1-4-1938.

LW3067 - Southern Pacific Locomotive Derailed, Overturned Outside of Saugus, 3-25-1938.

LW3485 - Southern Pacific Engine No. 2845 at Saugus, 5-28-1938.

Plum-Bouquet-Vasquez Cyn. Area: Geology of a Portion of the Humphreys Quadrangle • Flint 1939

LW2936 - SPRR Daylight Special at Saugus Depot, May 1941.

AP1905 - Destruction of F.S. Wood's Sandwich Shop, 1941.

LW2059 - Southern Pacific No. 4442 in Saugus, 1941. Postcard.

HB1904 - Color Film: Southern Pacific Cab Forwards at Saugus, ~Early 1940s.

Film Clip - Saugus Junction with SPRR Cab Forward, Stock Footage, Late 1940s.

PA5201 - Coming Into SPRR Saugus Depot, ca. 1948.

HS2004 - Downtown Saugus, Mid-1950s.

LW2519 - Circle J Ranch, Matchbook Cover, 1940s-1950s.

LW3618 - Film: Circle J Ranch Scenes in "The Lawless Breed" with Rock Hudson, 1952.

LAPD Breaks Ground for Drunk Farm on Ex-Bonelli Saugus HilltopNews Reports, October 1952.

JR0100 - Recipe from the Rib Cafe.

PA0100 - SPRR Saugus Depot, 1950s.

LW3789 - Screenshots: SPRR Saugus Depot Captured in "Suddenly," April 1954.

LW3469 - Bouquet Junction Corners (Cafe), Matchbook Cover, 1950s.

HG5704 - Wood's Garage, Late 1950s.

LW2872 - Cub Scout Pack 75 (Saugus): Den Mother Certification Cards, 1957-58.

SW5801 - Saugus Oil Field Map: Location of Bermite No. 1 Oil Well • Union Oil 1958.

SW5901 - Saugus Oil Field Map: Location of Bonelli No. 2 Oil Well • Union Oil 1959.

LW3759 - Aerial View: Seco, Bouquet, Haskell, Plum Canyon Area, 1959.

LW2898 - Investors Celebrate Saugus Oil Gusher, 1963.

OX6403 - Bercaw Buildings, Thatcher Glass (2 Images), ~1964.

OX6404 - Entrance to L.A. City's Saugus Rehabilitation Center (Drunk Farm), ~1964.

AL1965 - SPRR Saugus Depot, 1965.

OX6501 - Saugus Rollerama, 1965.

LW2457 - Greetings from Saugus, Calif. Plastichrome Postcard, 1965-66.

LW3306 - Green Pastures Dairy: Half-Pint Milk Bottle, 1940s-60s.

LW3306 - Green Pastures Dairy: Half-Gallon Milk Bottle, 1940s-60s.

Green Pastures Dairy Farm (Pre-Saugus High) in "The Green Hornet" Ep.6, 1966.

Photo Gallery: Saugus Station Agent James Guthrie Still Sends Train Orders the Old-Fashioned Way • The Signal, 10-10-1967.

Lower San Francisquito Renamed "Seco Canyon Road," 1968.

AL7001 - SPRR Saugus Depot in Snow, 12-19-1970.

LW2249 - New-Home Billboard and Mustang Drive-in Marquee, 1973.

HS7803 - SPRR Saugus District Train Orders, Nov. 9-12, 1978.

HS7802 - SPRR Saugus District Train Orders, Nov. 12-15, 1978.

HS7804 - SPRR Saugus District Train Orders, Nov. 15-18, 1978.

LW3415 - Saugus Train Station Interiors & Exteriors in NBC's "Supertrain," 1979.

JD8001 - Abandoned SPRR Saugus Depot Prior to Move, Multiple Images, 4-17-1980.

CN8003 - Photo Gallery: SPRR Saugus Depot Moves to Heritage Junction, June 1980.

L.A. Mayor's Saugus State Prison Plan Fans Flames of CityhoodNews Reports, November 1985.

GT8802c - Morning Gridlock on Bouquet Canyon Road at Espuella, 2-1988.

HS8901 - SoCal Edison Saugus Substation Data Sheet, 1989. Gives Edison House History.

LW3141 - Future Santa Clarita Central Park Site, 1998.

SC9802 - Santa Clarita Central Park Groundbreaking, 1998.

LW2076 - Lombardi Ranch Fruit Label, 1999.

Soledad Village by Newhall Land: Draft EIR 11-3-2005.

LW2730 - Former Site of Saugus Community Club, aka Saugus Women's Club, 23027 Drayton St., 6-21-2014.

LW3682 - Photo Gallery: 1940s LADWP House at Dry Canyon Reservoir, 2020.

Saugus High School

HS7904 - Aerial Photos: Bouquet Junction, Saugus High School, Citation Homes Under Construction, 8-14-1979.

Saugus High's Gas Lines Replaced Due to Bovine Corrosion • October 1979.

HD1501 - Saugus High School, Aerial View, ~2015.

HD1502 - Architect's Renderings of Saugus High School Auditorium, 2015.

Saugus High School Shooting • November 14, 2019.

Principal Vince Ferry, Saugus High, Honored by Council on School Culture • April 6, 2020.

Arroyo Seco Junior High

GT9001 - Decoro Drive Under Construction, Arroyo Seco JHS, Seco Canyon ~1990.

Saugus Speedway

And Baker Ranch / Hoot Gibson Rodeo

Saugus Speedway Scrapbook 1979-1995 by Harold Osmer and Lyn Pherigo (Complete).

Chronological History of Saugus Speedway, published 1982.

Dates of the Annual Saugus Rodeo, 1926-1960.

Rodeo Arena to be Built at Baker RanchThe Signal, 12-2-1926

HS1601 - Early Artist's Rendering of 1927 Baker Ranch Rodeo Arena, n.d.

Hoot Gibson Says He Has No AssetsAssociated Press, 9-27-1933

Fire Claims Old Barn at Saugus Speedway, 11-21-1996News reports, November 1996.

Baker Ranch Rodeo Featured in Films • The Signal, 2-25-2001

Video: Remembering Saugus SpeedwayCOC Cougar News, 6-16-2010.

AL2026 - Advertising Postcard: Frank Smith Bulldogging, 1920s.

AL2027 - Advertising Postcard: Smoky Branch on "Glass Eye," 1920s.

AL2028 - Advertising Postcard: Ed Bowman Calf Roping, 1920s.

LW2310 - Baker Ranch or Hoot Gibson Rodeo, Charles Miller Photo, 1920s-1930s.

LW3411 - Annual Saugus Rodeo: End of Show, n.d., Charles Miller Photo, 1920s-1930s.

LW2169 - Hoot Gibson Rodeo, Real Photo Postcard, early 1930s.

LW3271 - Actor Leo Carillo at Hoot Gibson's Home (Bonelli House), Saugus Rodeo, 4-28-1935.

JN3801 - Hill's Ranch Rodeo, Great Flood of 3-2-1938.

LW2483 - Midget Auto Racing at Bonelli Stadium, 2 Views, 1945.

LW2703 - Bonelli Stadium Photo Annual 1945-1946, with History of Midget Auto Racing. 32 Pages plus cover.

HS9025 - Bonelli Stadium Pit Pass, 11-11-1945.

LW3726 - Bonelli Stadium Pit Pass, 11-25-1945.

LW3472 - Starting Lineup, Bonelli Stadium, ~1946.

LW3556 - Bonelli Stadium Pit Pass, 4-21-1946.

LW2995 - Driver Walt Faulkner at Bonelli Stadium, 1940s-50s.

LW3002 - Kurtis Roadster Shown at Saugus, 1950; Jim Henning Art 2006.

AP1428 - Saugus Speedway, Aerial View, ca. 1950s.

LW3523 - Saugus Speedway Trophy Girl Amedee Chabot Crowned Miss California (and Miss USA), 1962.

Fireball 500 (1966)

LW2811 - Bonelli House in "Fireball 500" (1966) with Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello. 6 Views.

LW3222 - Fireball 500: Lobby Cards (Full Set of 8).

LW3051 - Fireball 500: Publicity Photo 1966.

LW3108 - 2 George Barris Kustom Cars from 'Fireball 500' (1966).

Aerial - Saugus Speedway: Aerial View, Pre-1971.

Saugus Speedway Featured in "Rolling Man" with Dennis Weaver, ABC-TV Movie of the Week, 10-4-1972.

HB7503 - A Young Racefan's Saugus Speedway Photo Album, 1971-1975.

HM7502 - Henry Mayo Hospital Volunteer Recruitment Tea in Bonelli House, 1975.

LW3343 - Bonelli Ranch: Custom Christmas Card, n.d.

HS7903 - Aerial Photos: Saugus Speedway, Santa Clara River, 8-14-1979.

LW2541 - Ron Hornaday Sr., 1965 Champion. From 1982 Program Book.

Video - Saugus Speedway Scene from "Charlie's Angels" Ep. 1.1: "Hellride" 9-22-1976.

LW3312 - The Story of Dan Press (Valencia) • Stock Car Racing Magazine, July 1981.

GT8803 - Owners Demolish Historic Bonelli Ranch House, Multiple Images, 2-6-1988.

GT8902 - Dale White, No. 33 Chevelle Stock Car, ~1989.

LW3005 - Jason Priestly, Charlie Sheen at Benefit for Families of Injured Stunt Performers, 1991.

GT9201 - Will Harper with IROC Camaro, Southwest Tour, 9-10-1988.

LW2640 - Assessor's Map: Bouquet Junction (SE Corner) & Saugus Speedway, 2008.

Video - Legacy: "Sad" Sam Stanley, Saugus Speedway Racing Legend • SCVTV 2017.

Saugus Speedway Friends, Family Members Honor "Wild" Bill Foster • The Signal, 8-4-2019.

Bermite Powder Co.

Bermite Predecessor: Ex-Fighter Jim Jeffries & L.A. Powder Co., 1917, • News Reports, 1915-1920.

Halafax Explosives Co., Est. April 1935 (Bermite Predecessor), • Advertising & News Reports, 1934-36.

Halafax Explosives Co. Display Ad; Map, Contractors, • Los Angeles Times 4-22-1935.

LW2804 - Halafax Explosives Co. Advertisement, May 1935.

Bermite Powder Co. Expansion • News reports 1943.

About Patrick Lizza, Founder of Bermite Powder Co. • (Connellsville, Penn.) Daily Courier, 7-21-1944.

LW3196 - Memo to Bermite Workers on Effectiveness of Rockets, 7-12-1945.

Bermite Power Co. Advertisement • Los Angeles Times 1-2-1946.

LW2107 - Bermite Powder Co. Security Guard Badge.

LW3517 - Bermite's Patrick Lizza: He Sets the Sky On Fire • Saturday Evening Post, 10-13-1951.

LW3764 - 4 Women Killed, 14 Injured in Bermite Powder Blast, 1-28-1954.

LW2552 - Women Assemble Fuses, Bermite Powder Co., ~1955.

LW2569 - Bemite Want Ad & Golden State Fireworks Ad, 1957.

LW2556 - Golden State Fireworks Ad: Simulated Atomic Explosion, 1956.

Bermite Powder Co. Patent No. 2869463: Delayed Firing Cartridge, 1-20-1959.

Bermite Powder Co. Patent No. 2875959: Tilted Axis Muller, 3-3-1959.

LW2618 - Bermite Powder Co. Want Ad, Los Angeles Exmaminer, 1-3-1961.

Bermite Powder Co. Patent No. 2995088: Multi-Stage Igniter Charge, 8-8-1961.

Bermite Powder Co. Patent No. 3334536: Releasable Nut with Radial and Longitudinal Lockout, 8-8-1967.

2 Killed in Flash at Bermite, 8-26-1969, • News Reports, August 1969.

LW2751 - Whittaker Bermite Service Award Pendant, 12k G.F., Diamond, Rubies, 1967-1987.

GT9100 - Whittaker-Bermite Site, c. 1991. Aerial Photo.

Analysis of Perchlorate Containment in Groundwater Near the Whittaker-Bermite Property • CH2MHILL, 12-2-2004.

Initial Site Assessments: Cross Valley Connector (East) & Golden Valley Bridge • L.A. County 2005-2006.

Golden Valley Bridge Over Santa Clara River: Environmental Assessment, Caltrans & City of Santa Clarita, March 2008.

LW2336 - DTSC Uses Bacteria to Rid Whittaker-Bermite of Perchlorate, 2013.

Community Update: Whittaker-Bermite Facility Cleanup • DTSC, August 2017.


LW3020 - USGS Maps Showing Honby, 1929-1960.

HB3801 - Honby School, Student Body, 1938.

HB3902 - Honby School, Student Body, 1939.

Ernie Cooke & Daughter Ernestine at Balsz Ranch in Honby, mid-1940s.

Tina Cooke, Charlotte Chacanaca & Susan Cooke at Balsz Ranch in Honby, late 1940s.

HB6001 - Structures at Original Honby School Site, ~1960s.

DM6801 - Honby Men's Club, 1968.

OX7401 - Honby Elementary School Staff, 1974-75.

HB7502 - Mrs. Gilbert's 6th Grade Class, Honby School, 1974-75.

GZ0101 - Pam Bordelon and Jerry Koopman at Jack Lilley's Ranch in Honby, ~1976 (5 Views).

Ted C. Garcia at Balsz Ranch, Honby, 1980s

LEGACY | Blazing Saddle Falls: Jack Lilley Rides • SCVTV (Video) 2017.

New Home Communities

CN7801 - Sutters Pointe: Floor Plans, n.d. (~1978); Developer Pleads to Grand Theft, Dies.

HB1817 - Circle J Ranch & Equestrian Center: Sales Brochure & Floor Plans, 1981.

HB1823 - Mountainview West: Sales Brochure & Floor Plans, 1985.

HB1812 - Mountainview Courtyards: Tract Maps & Floor Plans, 1987.

HB1826 - Mountainview: The Homes: Tract Maps & Floor Plans, Late 1980s.

Film Clip: Circle J Tract Under Construction and Allan Trautman as Tarman in "Return of the Living Dead Part II," 1988.

HB1827 - Oak Lane by Beazer at Circle J: Tract Maps & Floor Plans, 2000.

Plum Canyon: Synergy-Brookfield LLC Keystone (Five Knolls) Subdivision

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